2018 Candidate Survey: Where do you stand?


We'll be sending the following survey to candidates in key states and races across the country this fall – but now we want to hear from you. Where do you stand on the issues most important to wild horses? Just check the box next to any questions you would answer "yes" to.


  • Do you agree with 80% of Americans that Congress should maintain protections for wild horses and burros against killing and slaughter?
  • Do you think that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should follow the National Academy of Sciences' recommendation to use fertility control as a humane and fiscally sustainable alternative to roundups, removals and warehousing or slaughter of wild horses and burros?
  • Do you agree that the BLM should be required to produce wild horse and burro population limits (Appropriate Management Levels, or “AMLs”) that are based on science and developed in a process that is transparent to the public?
  • Would you support repeal of the Burns Amendment, which amended the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to allow the sale for slaughter of any horse age ten or over or any horse who remains unadopted after three tries.
  • Would you support giving wild horses a fairer share of resources on the small amount of public lands designated as their habitat?