Some of our nation’s leaders want to “solve” the wild horse management issue with radical, long-abandoned ideas, such as killing thousands of animals or shipping them to foreign slaughterhouses. The American public made clear decades ago that it won’t stand for such treatment, but the politicians continue to pump out misinformation to push their lethal agenda. No matter what you call it, killing tens of thousands of wild horses and burros is slaughter.

Please ask Congress to protect America's wild horses and burros. Take action today. 

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25973 1 month ago John Navalesi Northridge, CA 80% of Americans say NO to the BLM removal of Wild Mustangs from our public land. Why are you not responding to the our wishes?
25972 1 month ago Julia Stegmaier Cincinnati , OH
25971 1 month ago Jean E. Rankin-Murray Bartow, FL
25970 1 month ago Lisa Feit Gaithersburg, MD Please vote to keep our wild horses and burros free and use humane birth control solutions to manage them on the range. Do not support the slaughter of our wild ones.
25969 1 month ago Kathy Pabst White city, OR
25968 1 month ago Kathy Pabst White city, OR
25967 1 month ago Charlene Christin Barrington Hills, IL What you are doing is just plain cruel!
25966 1 month ago Linda Adair Santa Fe, NM
25965 1 month ago Jan Tervydis Edwardsville, IL
25964 1 month ago Jody Goodwin Turner, ME It is obvious these horses are healthy and not even close to starving! This wanton killing of the wild horses must stop!
25963 1 month ago Deu Margolis Makibu, CA
25962 1 month ago Val Weber Crystal Lake, IL
25961 1 month ago Sylvia Coburn Reno, NV
25960 1 month ago Sylvia Coburn Reno, NV
25959 1 month ago Pamela Sourelis Woodstock, IL
25958 1 month ago Victoria JOHNSON GILBERT, AZ Cruel and not necessary.
25957 1 month ago lucy metcalf portland, OR
25956 1 month ago Maryellen Maloney Rosemont , IL
25955 1 month ago Celine Paulus Las Vegas , NV
25954 1 month ago Julie Herne Schaumburg , IL This must stop. These horses are entitled to live free and not suffer at the hands of the BLM.
25953 1 month ago Karen Payne Lexington , KY Please no roundups and killing of our wild horses
25952 1 month ago Donna Flowers Northumberland, PA Stop killing the horses they are a part of history. What in God's name are you all doing kill kill that's all you do Stop let them run free
25951 1 month ago Sylvia Coburn Reno, NV
25950 1 month ago Roberta Maillett Boxford, MA Please stop the inhumane round up of these beautiful animals. They should be treated as a national treasure.
25949 1 month ago Crystal Tanner Denver, CO
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