Some of our nation’s leaders want to “solve” the wild horse management issue with radical, long-abandoned ideas, such as killing thousands of animals or shipping them to foreign slaughterhouses. The American public made clear decades ago that it won’t stand for such treatment, but the politicians continue to pump out misinformation to push their lethal agenda. No matter what you call it, killing tens of thousands of wild horses and burros is slaughter.

Please ask Congress to protect America's wild horses and burros. Take action today. 

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26114 2.9 years ago Laurie Haber Industry, CA
26113 2.9 years ago Dee Berry Middleburg, FL
26112 2.9 years ago Sharon Pritchard Glendale, AZ Save the Horses!
26111 2.9 years ago Suzanne Patterson Jefferson , GA So unnecessary and cruel.
26110 2.9 years ago Kathy Coughlan Pittsboro , NC
26109 2.9 years ago Kimberley Lawrence Nashville , TN
26108 3 years ago Karen Neubert LA, CA
26107 3 years ago Vicki Pauly West Bend , WI
26106 3.2 years ago morote corinne boubiers France, ot
26105 3.2 years ago morote corinne boubiers France, ot
26104 3.2 years ago Lonjon Ange Limoux , CO Liberté
26103 3.4 years ago Nina Ruzicka-Gödecke Scheeßel, ot The symbol of freedom, a part of your can you kill these wonderful creatures? Shame...
26102 3.4 years ago Ulrike Gajewski Limburg, ot Lasst sie in Freiheit leben was haben sie euch getan.
26101 3.4 years ago Jen Stetskamp Berlin , ot Stop this.
26100 3.4 years ago Karina Müller Bröckau, ot
26099 3.4 years ago Karina Müller Bröckau, ot
26098 3.4 years ago Judit Wichmann Belau, ot
26097 3.6 years ago Cathy Centeio Squaw Valley , CA
26096 3.6 years ago Fredna Tisdale Ellisville , MS
26095 3.7 years ago Yasmin Morad Heppenheim, AS
26094 3.7 years ago Lewis Frazier Dillon, CO
26093 3.7 years ago Isabelle Green Pittsfield, VT
26092 3.8 years ago Kimberly Patrick Lamar , SC Stop killing these beautiful animals. Leave them be.
26091 3.8 years ago Kari Peloquin Greenvile, SC
26090 3.8 years ago Sydney Peniston Greenville , SC Stop killing innocent wild animals!
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