Tell Congress: Don't Allow Mustang Killing in 2018 Spending Legislation

Congress will decide between House legislation that allows the BLM to destroy healthy wild horses and burros, and the Senate version, which continues to prohibit killing and slaughter.  

We must continue to press Congress to stand with the 80 percent of Americans who want our wild horses and burros protected, not brutally slaughtered. So, please, make your voice heard today!

What You Can Do

1. Call the Leadership of the House and Senate. See numbers below. Simply deliver this message: "I'm calling to urge Senator/Representative _____ to keep horse slaughter out of 2018 spending legislation by maintaining the Senate versions of Agriculture and Interior Appropriations bills. Please stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose horse slaughter and want our wild horses protected and humanely managed, not killed or slaughtered."

2. Send your Senators and Representatives an email. Just type in your address and zip code below, then personalize and send the message.

Thank you for standing up for our American mustangs and burros!