Some of our nation’s leaders want to “solve” the wild horse management issue with radical, long-abandoned ideas, such as killing thousands of animals or shipping them to foreign slaughterhouses. The American public made clear decades ago that it won’t stand for such treatment, but the politicians continue to pump out misinformation to push their lethal agenda. No matter what you call it, killing tens of thousands of wild horses and burros is slaughter.

Please ask Congress to protect America's wild horses and burros. Take action today. 

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26134 11 months ago Judith Besemer Brooktondale, NY
26133 12 months ago Michael Stutler Florence, KY Stop killing our national treasure for cow hearders
26132 1 year ago Ludo Stassijns Lebbeke, ot
26131 1 year ago Susan Affonso Bonsall , CA
26130 1 year ago Ximena Salomon Chicago, IL I oppose wild horse and burro slaughter. I will not vote for members of Congress who support these practices
26129 1 year ago Terry Ransom FLORISSANT, MO
26128 1 year ago Terri Downer Chateaugay , NY
26127 1 year ago cameyron tomezyk Villejuif, ot
26126 1 year ago Patricia Collins Port St. Lucie, FL
26125 1 year ago Suzy Lowe Glenwood, WV
26124 1 year ago Ganesh Velu Tampa, FL
26123 1 year ago Monica Odgers Hartford, WI Humans are called to be compassionate caregivers, protectors and stewards of our planet and its beings. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all beings are treated with respect and c...
26122 1 year ago Elizabeth Alahmar Westport , MA
26121 1 year ago Barbara LaGaipa Port St. Lucie, FL
26120 1 year ago Elizabeth Clare Wallace Poway , CA
26119 1 year ago Deborah Imonti Kamuela, HI Please do not destroy part of our history. To much of our past history has disappeared and our wild horses once mans only transportation must be preserved for future generation's. They are what make...
26118 1 year ago Phyllis Davis Paia, HI This president and Congress is determined not to protect wild animals including these beautiful horses as well as vast acres of land set aside for environmental purposes. It must stop. I will not to...
26117 1 year ago Robyn Renee Las Vegas, CA SAVE THEM!!!
Thank You for all of Your HARD WORK.
We can’t allow the to be Murdered by Slaughter!!!
26116 1 year ago Linda Miller Surprise, AZ Save the wild horses and burros
26114 1 year ago Laurie Haber Industry, CA
26113 1 year ago Dee Berry Middleburg, FL
26112 1 year ago Sharon Pritchard Glendale, AZ Save the Horses!
26111 1 year ago Suzanne Patterson Jefferson , GA So unnecessary and cruel.
26110 1 year ago Kathy Coughlan Pittsboro , NC
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