Speak Out Against Huge Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup!

Comments Due August 10, 2017

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues its quest to wipe out the magnificent wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard. The BLM's long term goal is eradication of these historic herds to satisfy the demands of the powerful Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members graze livestock on the public lands in this area.

The agency is currently accepting public comments on its plan to conduct a massive helicopter roundup in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Divide Basin Herd Management Areas to remove 1,560 wild horses from this 2.4 million acre area, 70% of which is public land. The last BLM roundup occurred in this area in 2014, when 1,263 wild horses were rounded up and removed from the range. At least 14 horses died as a result of the roundup. 

Approximately 513 wild horses would be removed from the Adobe Town HMA, 725 wild horses would be removed from the Salt Wells Creek HMA and 322 wild horses would be removed from the Great Divide Basin HMA. Of these, just 20 mares and 20 stallions would be returned to the Adobe Town HMA. Only horses with “readily recognized phenotypic traits of New World Iberian horses” would be returned to the HMA. No fertility control would be used. 

All horses removed from the wild will be in grave danger of being killed if Congress grants BLM's request to lift the restriction on destroying healthy wild horses and burros or selling them for slaughter. 

Now is the time to speak out against this lethal plan... Please submit your comments today!

Written comments should be received by August 10, 2017. All comments submitted via email should be sent to blm_wy_adobetown_saltwells_hma@blm.gov with “2017 AML Gather EA” included in the subject line. Alternatively, comments may be hand-delivered or mailed to: BLM Rock Springs Field Office 2017 AML Gather 280 Highway 191 North Rock Springs, WY 82901

More Information:

Environmental Assessment

Wild Horses
The BLM has set an AML of 1,276-1,765 – or a maximum of one horse per 1,400 acres -- for these HMAs.

The agency claims, based on an April 2017 census that 2,836 reside in these HMAs. It has declared that 1,560 of these wild horses are “excess” and intends to remove them in a helicopter roundup this fall or winter.

The BLM in Wyoming does not plan to use fertility control in conjunction with this roundup. It has rejected the option of gelding (surgically castrating) stallions because the use of surgical sterilization to reduce population “has yet to be implemented in wild horse populations. Research on the use of these techniques on wild horse behavior is still on going. The effectiveness and impacts of these techniques are well understood in controlled settings, but they have not been extensively researched under field conditions.


The BLM authorizes 151,338 AUMs of forage per year to livestock grazing in public land allotments that fall wholly or partially within these HMAs. That’s the equivalent of 12,600 year round cow/calf pairs or 63,000 sheep.

Based on rancher self-reporting, the BLM states that actual use in this area last year was 55,535 AUMs, or the annual equivalent of 4,600 cow/calf pairs or over 23,000 sheep.