September 5, 2017

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate will consider bills this month that will affect America’s horses. Your immediate action could save more than 90,000 wild horses and burros from slaughter by the federal government and keep horse slaughter factories out of the U.S.

The full House will vote on a legislative spending package called a “megabus’ as early as this week. Currently the bill contains provisions that will allow for the killing of tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros and the reopening of horse slaughter plants in the U.S.
Thankfully, bipartisan amendments have been introduced to restore protections to horses by banning federal funding for horse slaughter inspections (to keep U.S. horse slaughter factories closed) and prohibiting the destruction of healthy wild horses and burros. These amendments must first be approved by the Rules Committee, then by the full House.
In the Senate, the Interior Appropriations Committee will meet soon to mark up the Interior Appropriations Bill for 2018 and will decide whether to maintain the prohibition on destroying healthy wild horses and burros and selling them for slaughter.

The stakes could not be higher – By Sept. 30,  Congress will decide whether to allow the cruel horse slaughter industry to reopen in the U.S., and whether the Bureau of Land Management will be allowed to kill up tens of thousands of federally-protected wild horses and burros.

That's why your elected officials need to hear from you today!   We need to know whether they stand with the narrow interests of a few well-connected taxpayer-subsidized corporations or with the over 80% of the American public who want wild horses and burros on PUBLIC lands protected.

All of our horses need YOUR VOICE NOW! 


1. Call your Representative. His/Her number appears below.  All you have to say is

"I'm [name] and a constituent of Rep. [name]. I urge him/her to support the Buchanan/Roybal-Allard/Royce/Blumenauer Amendment to ban federal funding for horse slaughter inspections and the Titus/King/Polis/Curbelo/Lujan Grisham Amendments to prohibit the use of federal funding to kill healthy wild horses and burros.  Please ask the Rules Committee to approve these amendments and vote for these amendments to the 'megbus' spending bill when it comes to the floor."  

2. Call your two Senators at the numbers that appear below. Ask them to oppose any measures to allow for U.S. horse slaughter and the killing of wild horses and burros.

"I'm [name] from [state] calling to ask my Senator to contact the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee to urge them to maintain prohibitions on killing healthy wild horses and burros and selling them for slaughter in 2018 spending legislation. I urge Senator [name] to stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros and want these animals protected and humanely managed on our public lands. Thank you."

Please follow up your call by sending the email below.

For more information on the Appropriations Bills and legislative process affecting America's horses, please click here