You Can Make the Difference: Tell Congress #NoHorseSlaughter


1) The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) has requested the 2018 budget lift the ban on destroying healthy mustangs and burros. 

2)  If the ban is lifted, wild horses and burros in holding facilities will be killed or sold to slaughter.The remaining "excess" population will be slaughtered, possibly gunned-down in the wild. Up to 92,000 healthy horses will die.

3) The Congressional markup to decide if this slaughter provision is included will happen as soon as July 18, 2017!


Even if you've done so before, we need you to take action again. Start by entering your information below, and your Congressperson's contact info will appear.

1) Call their office and tell them #NoHorseSlaughter. Just say, "I'm ___, calling from ____. As a constituent, I ask Rep. _____ to reject the BLM's 2018 budget request to slaughter thousands of America's wild horses and burros. Please ask him/her to vote to maintain the current ban on slaughtering these iconic animals." Please be polite and respectful. 

2) Follow up your call with an email by entering your zip code and personalizing the sample letter below, then click on SUBMIT to send.