Trump Administration Moves to Slaughter America's Mustangs: Tell Congress No!

On May 23, 2017, the Trump Administration released its proposed budget for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for Fiscal Year 2018. It includes a shocking request to Congress to lift the ban on slaughtering America's iconic wild horses and burros. If approved, the new budget would result in the mass killing of tens of thousands of these federally-protected animals. 

The lives of the 46,000 captured wild horses and burros in holding facilities and the 46,000 wrongly considered to be “excess” on the range are in immediate danger. 

Stand up for our heritage! Here are three things you MUST do today.

1. Call your Representative, Senators and the White House. Tell them that you oppose the mass killing of America's cherished wild horses and burros and want Congress to maintain the ban on slaughtering them. *Please make sure you remain polite and respectful*

2. Follow up by signing our petition below. 

This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location
3057 1 year ago Lois LaRoe Ionia, MI These horses and burros are the most beautiful creatures that god put on this earth. They have faught battle time after time and they have stood with us threw hard times. These horses have been with...
3056 1 year ago Linda Paddock Eagle, ID These horses belong to the people and BLM has NO right to destroy them. The BLM needs to have a "house cleaning" of their officials (with no heart).
3055 1 year ago Rosanne Malpage London, ON
3054 1 year ago Sheri weiss Bradenton, FL This hurts my heart. We must stop this madness!
3053 1 year ago Leticia Arizpe SUN VALLEY, ID What is wrong with our world? All they think about is killing anything and everything they can get their hands on...animals included.
3052 1 year ago Delma Cantu Perez Rockwall, TX
3051 1 year ago Cris Juhasz Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA WTH is wrong with this country? This Administration and Trump have NO EMPATHY for anything. What next?
3050 1 year ago Helen Hauber Missouri City, TX
3049 1 year ago Lisa Johnson meadows place, TX OMG! NO! These horses belong to me. I will fight you to the ground.
3048 1 year ago diane marchisio woodbury, CT are you serious? after all this and now trump want to kill more?
3047 1 year ago Cátia Couto ot
3046 1 year ago Patricia Cimino Toms River, NJ
3045 1 year ago Tara Brooks Cumming, GA This is unbelievably disappointing! Don’t kill America’s Wild Horses! Quit killing innocent animals and don’t allow BLM or anyone else to slaughter these beautiful animals. What kind of heartless...
3044 1 year ago Peggy Rollie Erhard, MN
3043 1 year ago Gwen Wentworth Tucson, AZ BLM is the BUREAU OF POOR MANAGEMENT
3042 2 years ago Linda Montgomery London, OH
3041 2.1 years ago Paulette Lynes Gatlinburg , TN
3040 2.1 years ago Dawn Mason Pottsvill;e, PA
3039 2.1 years ago C Rising Carrboro, NC It's the right thing to do.
3038 2.2 years ago Jennifer Johnson Taylor Ridge, IL
3037 2.2 years ago Sara Bergmanson Austin, TX
3036 2.2 years ago Kyrra Stevens Charlotte, NC
3035 2.3 years ago barbara cantu calabasas, CA
3034 2.3 years ago Victoria Salisbury Los Angeles , CA
3033 2.3 years ago Lori Helmick Bruceton Mills, WV
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