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Dear Supporter,

The local Mohave County Supervisors want to start shooting wild burros and these little burros need your help! As an Arizona resident, you have the opportunity to speak up for the wild burros of Black Mountain near Kingman, who are under attack by local officials. Among other things, these officials want to see legislation that will allow state agencies to issue hunting permits for burros in Arizona!

These burros need YOUR VOICE NOW!


1. Attend the Mohave County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday morning to speak up for protection of these historic animals. Send an email to contact@wildhorsepreservation.org for talking points and to confirm your attendance.

WHERE: County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale St., Kingman, Arizona

WHEN: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

2. Send an email to the Mohave County Supervisors using the email addresses below. Please bcc contact@wildhorsepreservation.org so we know your email has been sent.

Suggested email text:

To: gary.watson@mohavecounty.us, hildy.angius@mohavecounty.us, buster.johnson@mohavecounty.us, jean.bishop@mohavecounty.us, steve.moss@mohavecounty.us

I am an Arizona resident who treasures wild burros and believes that they are important natural and historic resources for our state and our nation. The Black Mountain burros in Kingman are cherished by the many Americans and international visitors who meet them while driving on Route 66 in Arizona. This burro population is one of the last large burro herds left in the U.S., and it represents approximately 20% of the wild burro population managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

I oppose the hunting of burros and their removal, either lethal or non-lethal, from their habitat. I encourage the Mohave County Supervisors to explore humane solutions to address public safety concerns. These include construction/repair/maintenance of fencing along highways; construction of wildlife overpasses or underpasses; restoration and repair of water sources to allow burros to fully utilize their habitat and keep them within habitat boundaries; and public education to prevent people from feeding burros along highways. Further, a PZP birth control program should be implemented to stabilize population numbers and reduce them over time.

Hunting federally protected wild burros is illegal. Instead of proposing inhumane, publicly-unacceptable and illegal action, please turn your attention to collaborative and realistic solutions to address concerns and protect these iconic animals in their habitat where they belong

Thank you for your consideration,

Name, address

Please spread the word to your family and friends. These burros are in desperate need Arizona residents to speak up for them!


- The AWHPC Team

Photo by Mike Lorden.

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