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January 11, 2016

Oppose BLM Plan to Spay Wild Mares in Wyoming

We have only until Thursday (1/14) to get comments in to oppose the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) disastrous plan to spay wild mares on the range in the White Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in Wyoming. Surgically removing the mares' ovaries is both physically dangerous and psychologically devastating as it stops the production of hormones that drive natural behaviors. AWHPC is committed to fighting this ill-conceived and destructive proposal, which also includes the removal of at least 169 wild horses, leaving fewer than 400 mustangs on 1,600 square miles of land! We need to bombard the BLM with comments opposing the spaying of mares, so please take action today and share this alert with your friends and family! 



On Friday, AWHPC sent 8,982 letters from American citizens to the Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, urging protection of a historic population of wild horses who have lived in the area for over a century. The park has mislabled these native wild horses as "feral livestock" and seeks to remove them, claiming that they damage archeological resources and present a public safety threat. However, former park employees -- including a retired archeologist and a retired park biologist -- disagree and have joined thousands of American citizens in seeking protection for the beautiful wild horses of Mesa Verde National Park. 



AWHPC End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign a Success...Thanks to You!

We are pleased to report that, thanks to our generous AWHPC supporters, we made our end-of-year fundraising goals and received a very generous matching grant from an anonymous donor. Thank you to everyone who donated to support our work! We look forward to working together in 2016 to make real progress for wild horses and burros. Please learn more about our 2016 plans by clicking below and thank you to all the generous AWHPC supporters who donated to our fundraising campaign -- you make our work on behalf of wild horses and burros possible!





Jan. 14: Deadline - Scoping Comments on BLM Wild Horse Research Project for the White Mountain and Little Colorado EA

Jan. 20: Deadline- Comments on Sulphur Wild Horse Roundup EA

Feb. 3: Wyoming Resource Advisory Council Meeting

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