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Photo by Mike Lorden

January 5, 2016

Oppose BLM Plan to Round Up Utah Burros 

The Bureau of Land Management is accepting public comments on a proposal to round up and remove 60 percent of the burros living in the Sinbad Herd Management Area in Utah. The action will reduce the population from 220 to just 90 burros on more than 154 square miles of public land. On the heels of the roundup and removal, the agency is proposing a "research" project to study the reproduction, movement and social behaviors of the burros remaining on the range. Incredibly, the agency fails entirely to recognize or consider the devastating impact that the planned massive removal will have on the natural social behaviors of the remaining burro population. Tell the BLM this large-scale burro removal is unnecessary and that its subsequent “study” of the natural ecology and social behaviors of this wild burro population would not produce valid data and would waste taxpayer dollars.



AWHPC, et. al. Files Lawsuit to Stop BLM Idaho Sterilization Plan

AWHPC, our coalition partners The Cloud Foundation and Return to Freedom, and private citizen Virginia Hudson yesterday filed a lawsuit against the BLM to stop the planned sterilization of the entire wild horse population in Idaho's Saylor Creek Herd Management Area. The plan would authorize the BLM to round up every last horse in the HMA and surgically spay or castrate them before returning them to the range. When the horses eventually die out, the BLM plans to replace them with horses removed from other HMAs, essentially turning this federally designated wild horse habitat area into another long-term holding facility for captured mustangs. The groups filing suit to stop this destructive action are represented by Meyer Glitzenstein and Eubanks, a leading public interest law firm. Please read more about this critically important case by clicking below. 

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl



AWHPC Launched as Independent Non-Profit Organization 

AWHPC and its founding organization Return to Freedom (RTF) are pleased to announce the launch of AWHPC as an independent 501 C 3 non-profit organization. AWHPC was created in 2004 by RTF to provide a unified voice and platform to advocate for America's wild horses and burros. AWHPC operated as an independent project of Return to Freedom, which is its fiscal sponsor. Neda DeMayo, founder of RTF and AWHPC and Virginie Parant, Esq., AWHPC co-founder, will join the new AWHPC Board of Directors. The two organizations will work collaboratively to secure increased protections for wild horses and burros in the coming years. Please read the full statement by clicking below!   





Jan. 8: Deadline - Scoping Comments Mesa Verde National Park Wild Horse Removal Plan

Jan. 11: Deadline - Comments on BLM Utah Burro Removal and Research Project

Jan. 14: Deadline - Scoping Comments on BLM Wild Horse Research Project for the White Mountain and Little Colorado EA

Jan. 20: Deadline- Comments on Sulphur Wild Horse Roundup EA

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