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December 3, 2015

Speak Up for Wild Horse Victims of Illegal WY Checkerboard Roundup

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is accepting public comments on an Environmental Assessment (EA) issued to correct legal violations in the way it conducted the massive 2014 Wyoming Checkerboard roundup, which permanently removed 1,263 federally-protected wild horses from the range. By using a request from ranchers to remove wild horses from private lands as an excuse to eradicate horses from public lands, the BLM has set a dangerous precedent that puts wild horses at the mercy of private landowners who want them gone. We continue to fight this legal travesty in the courts, and we must take a strong stand as well during this public comment period. Please take action for wild horses by clicking below. 



Whole Foods "Mustang Safe" Campaign Moves Forward

This week, our new Whole Foods "Mustang Safe" campaign was featured favorably in the Pacific Standard, a bi-monthly western magazine. The article concludes that, given the "especially ugly" recent roundup of wild horses in Oregon, our calls for a 'mustang safe' label on beef are justified. 

This news coverage highlights the importance of this campaign in leveraging consumer muscle to attain equitable treatment and protection of wild horses on our public lands. After years of trying to work with the government and ranchers with limited success, this consumer-based approach adds another power dynamic to our fight and gives us new opportunities to make progress. If you have not yet written to Whole Foods about the connection between wild horse roundups and "grass fed" beef, please click here. Also, you can ask your local Whole Foods market for a list of its beef and lamb producers, then share it with us by clicking here.  



AWHPC T-Shirts: Just In Time for the Holidays

Exciting Announcement: Our beautiful new AWHPC t-shirts are now available for purchase. If you are looking for holiday gifts for friends and family, these shirts and other products are a perfect way to share your love for wild horses. Proceeds will support AWHPC's year-round efforts to increase protections and secure fair treatment to keep wild horses and burros living wild and free on our public lands. Order now, and you'll receive your shirts in the next two weeks -- just in time for the holidays. 





Dec. 14: Public Tour of Axtell Wild Horse Corrals, Axtell, Utah 

Dec. 18: 44th Anniversary of Signing of Wild Free Roaming Horses & Burros Act

Dec. 21: Comment Deadline for Wyoming Checkerboard Roundup EA

Dec. 29: Deadline - 2nd Call for Nominations for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

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