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November 20, 2015

Spread the Word About Government Mistreatment of Wild Horses

Letters-to-the-editor are a great way to get out the word about our government's treatment of wild horses and burros. Such letters can help hold our government accountable for its failure to humanely and effectively manage wild horses by making the general public – not just horse advocates – aware of this major problem. Politicians and their staffs pay close attention to public opinion as expressed in local newspapers, so a letter can also boost awareness among state and federal decision-makers. We've created an easy action for you to send a letters-to-the-editor of your local newspapers, so please click below!




Oregon Roundup Continues as Whole Foods Passes the Buck

Last week, we told you how ranchers behind the massive roundup underway right now in Beatys Butte are major suppliers of "animal welfare certified" beef to Whole Foods. So far, Whole Foods has responded to our request that it incorporate mustang safe standards into its ethical meat sourcing policies by urging us to speak to the ranchers. We have done this previously and will do so again, but that doesn't let Whole Foods off the hook for making decisions about whether it will sell meat sourced from animals grazed in mustang habitat. Meanwhile, the relentless Beatys Butte roundup continues with 995 horses captured so far and 9 deaths. For a full update on the situation, please click below. 




Florida Congressman Demands Answers from BLM

While the Interior Department Office of Inspector General let BLM off the hook for its illegal sale of nearly 1,800 wild horses for slaughter in Mexico, Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-Florida) is demanding answers. In a strongly worded letter to the BLM, he wrote, “It is unacceptable that BLM’s disregard of the law resulted in the use of taxpayer funds to facilitate the inhumane slaughter of iconic American wildlife." Read Rep. Buchanan's full statement and letter by clicking below. 





Nov. 4-TBD: BLM Beatys Butte Roundup, Lakeview, OR

Nov. 20-22: Equus Film Festival, New York, NY

Dec. 1: Public Lands Nominated for Potential Oil & Gas Exploration Comments Due

Dec. 18: 44th Anniversary of Signing of Wild Free Roaming Horses & Burros Act

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