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Stop BLM's Plan to Destroy Wild Horse Herd in Idaho

Photo | BLM 

For the first time ever, the BLM is proposing to destroy the Saylor Creek wild horse herd by converting the herd into a sterilized, non-reproducing population. On September 10, 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Twin Falls, Idaho Resource Advisory Council (RAC), which has in its jurisdiction the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area (HMA), will meet. The RAC is a citizen advisory board that is supposed to represent all stakeholders in the management of our public lands. The largest stakeholder is the American public, but the plan to destroy this wild free-roaming horse population by sterilizing its members is at odds with the public's strong support for the preservation and humane management and treatment of these national icons. With just five HMAs and 600 horses left (nearly 300 of whom are currently being rounded up – see below), Idaho cannot afford to lose this important population. Please let the RAC know where the public stands on the BLM's destructive plan for the Saylor Creek horses and to oppose this ill-conceived plan by clicking below.


UPDATE: BLM Emergency Roundups Underway

Photo | BLM Idaho

These are dire times for wild horses, as fire and extreme drought take their toll on the West's remaining mustang herds. Two emergency BLM roundups are underway. In southwestern Idaho, an estimated 285 wild horses are being removed from the Sands Basin, Hardtrigger, and Black Mountain HMAs, which were severely impacted by the massive Soda Fire that claimed the lives of at least 36 wild mustangs. The BLM will hold an unspecified number of the horses at its Boise Corrals until the range has recovered sufficiently to release them. In southern Nevada, the BLM is conducting an emergency removal of up to 200 wild horses in the drought-stricken Cold Creek area of the Wheeler Pass HMA, where forage is extremely limited and mares with foals are in especially poor condition. Sadly, three years ago, the Spring Mountain Alliance, an AWHPC coalition partner, presented the BLM and the Forest Service with a doable plan to humanely manage the wild horses in the area using birth control, but the agencies have dragged their feet on implementing it, much to the detriment of the wild horses in the area. Other BLM roundups are pending in two BLM burro areas and two wild horse HMAs -- click below for more information.


BLM National Advisory Board Meets Tomorrow - Tune In!

Photo | Mike Lorden

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will meet tomorrow and Thursday, September 2-3, 2015 in Oklahoma City. Click below for details about the meeting, including information about how you can watch it online. Over 8,000 of you sent messages to the Advisory Board members opposing the BLM's destructive and dangerous plans to conduct sterilization experiments on wild horses. We encourage all who can to tune in and listen to the meeting to see how the BLM and the Board members address your comments and to hear all the updates on where the federal wild horse and burro program is headed. Knowledge is power, so tune in if you can!


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