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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


Demand Shelter for Wild Horses & Burros Sweltering in BLM Holding Pens

Wild horses languish in BLM Rock Springs, Wyoming holding facility.

Summer is upon us and the nearly 17,000 wild horses and burros incarcerated in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding pens are once again exposed to unrelenting sun and sweltering temperatures without relief. Once wild on the range, these animals were free to seek shelter from the elements in tree cover, ravines and canyons. But in BLM feedlots, such basic needs are not met. Ironically BLM requires adopters to provide shelter to wild horses and burros, yet the agency's own holding facilities do not meet this basic standard. Instead of providing shelters, the BLM is wasting our tax dollars on a study to see if horses "prefer shade in hot sunny weather." Enough is enough! Wild horses and burros are suffering NOW as summer temperatures soar! Please take action today to demand that BLM provide shelter to wild horses and burros in holding pens! 


Court Again Grants AWHPC Right to Intervene in Another Rancher Lawsuit

Photo | LA Times

If the public lands ranchers in Pershing County, Nevada had their way, the above scene -- a helicopter roundup of wild horses conducted by the BLM -- would occur regularly in their area. Their lawsuit against the BLM seeks the removal of hundreds of wild horses from several Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas in Pershing County. We are happy to report that, on Friday, the U.S. District Court in Nevada granted our motion to intervene in the case, which we filed in conjunction with Pershing County property owner Debra Davenport and with the support of Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education.  This is the fourth time the federal court has granted us the right to intervene in a rancher lawsuit against the BLM, and we have already succeeded in getting two of these cases dismissed! Now we will vigorously defend the wild horses of Pershing County against any attempts by the BLM to settle the case by caving in to the ranchers' demands. Please click below to read more and support our efforts to give wild horses a voice in federal court!


Laika Magazine Features Plight of Wild Horses 

Photo | Jennifer Maharry Photography

This month's issue of Laika Magazine, dedicated to celebrating a compassionate lifestyle, features a special report and photo essay on wild horses, showcasing the striking photography of AWHPC's good friend Jennifer Maharry. The article includes extensive input from AWHPC's own Deniz Bolbol and Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education. "When horses come into the first pen at a roundup and the family is still together, everyone is pretty quiet," Bolbol tells the magazine. "There's not a lot of vocalization. But when they start separating the stallions from the mares and the babies from the moms, all the horses are talking. You know they are never going to see each other again." It's a powerful 10-page spread that exposes the cruelty of the BLM program and its connection to the welfare ranching industry. The magazine is not available online. To read more about the article and order your issue, please click below. 


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American Wild Horse Preservation

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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.