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Comments Needed on Biased BLM Public Opinion Research Plan

Photo | BLM

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking comments on a plan to hire a French company to conduct "social science research" on American public attitudes and values toward wild horses and burros. It's clear from the information provided that the BLM intends to manipulate the process to elicit a desired response in favor of the agency's mismanagement and plans to utilize surgical sterilization of wild horses on the range as a management tool. In addition, the BLM has already solicited, received -- and ignored -- hundreds of thousands of public comments over the past six years on its Wild Horse and Burro Program. Now the agency wants to spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to collect additional public opinion through a process it can manipulate and control! The BLM is currently seeking comments on the need for and ways to enhance the value of this proposed research project.... So please get your comments in today!


Burros in Crisis

Photo | Kelly Jay Photography

May is Burro Awareness Month, a time to celebrate these amazing animals and examine the plight of wild burros in the U.S. After decades of federal mismanagement, the nation's wild burro population has reached a crisis point. Fewer than 9,000 wild burros remain in the U.S., in small and scattered population.  BLM's management practices of rounding them up and keeping their population numbers so low that they're forced to inbreed have created a genetic crisis for burros on the range. Please click below to hear what the BLM's own genetics expert has to say and take action to compel the BLM to establish a specially-protected burro range for one of the last remaining large burro herds.   



Captured Senior Stallions Rescued

Photo | BLM

We have an important update on the 25-year old wild grulla stallion, known as #3097, who was captured by the BLM from the Sulphur Spring HMA in February and put up for auction. Over 25,000 citizens signed AWHPC's petition calling for the release of stallion #3907 and other elder stallions who were captured and put up for auction with him. The BLM turned a deaf ear to these citizen pleas, and the internet auction of these and other Sulphur mustangs ended yesterday. Grulla stallion #3907 has been adopted by a private party in Washington State who paid $1,760 for him. Five other elder stallions are headed to sanctuaries as follows:

  • Return to Freedom (RTF) placed the winning bids on a 20 year-old black stallion and a 15 year-old bay stallion who both will be allowed to remain as stallions at RTF's California sanctuary. Please donate to support this rescue here
  •  Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota will provide a home for three other Sulphur stallions: a 14-year old dun, a 25-year old sorrel, and a 20-year old dun. Please donate to support this rescue here.

Caring for senior horses is not cheap - so please help RTF and Black Hills provide these priceless stallions with the respect, care, and dignity they deserve in their twilight years.


American Wild Horse Preservation

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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.