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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


Save Oregon's Historic Mustangs: Oppose BLM Roundup!

Photo | Laura Leigh, Wild Horse Education

The wild horses in the Kiger and Riddle Mountain Herd Management Areas (HMAs) may well be one of the best remaining examples of the Spanish Mustang, and their preservation is vitally important. Despite this, the BLM has set extremely low Allowable Management Levels for these herds -- a maximum of 82 horses in Kiger and just 56 in Riddle Mountain! Worse, the agency rounds up these horses every four years, terrorizing and traumatizing them with helicopters, shattering their families and forever robbing many of them of their freedom. The next roundup is scheduled for August 2015. The BLM is targeting 214 of these amazing mustangs for capture; approximately 153 will be permanently removed from the range and put up for adoption. The BLM already stockpiles 50,000 wild horses in holding facilities and has a huge backlog of adoptable horses -- bringing more horses into an overburdened adoption system is unacceptable!


Stop Mine Expansion in Wild Horse Habitat

The BLM is currently accepting public comments on a proposal to expand the Mineral Gold Mine in the Silver Peak Herd Management Area (HMA) near Tonopah, Nevada. The BLM has set the "Appropriate" Management Level (AML) for wild horses to zero in Silver Peak due drought conditions, yet it is poised to approve the expansion of a water-guzzling mine that will further drain aquifers, reduce surface water availability and worsen drought conditions. Just over 100 wild horses live in the Silver Peak HMA. Please tell BLM to live up to its legal mandate to protect the Silver Peak horses by rejecting the expansion of the Mineral Gold Mine.



Nevada Bills Would Harm Wild Horses & Burros

Photo | Leigh Mueller

The Nevada Legislature is considering two bills that would negatively impact wild horses and burros in the state. AWHPC has worked for more than two years to secure a humane management agreement for the Virginia Range horses, who live in and around Reno and fall under state jurisdiction. AB 431, if enacted, would sabotage the recently-signed, public-private partnership agreement that we have worked so hard to establish. If you have not taken action against this legislation, please click here. In addition, the legislature is considering AB 408, a much broader bill that challenges federal authority on federal lands. It is in line with legislative initiatives in a number of western states to take over federal lands. AWHPC has taken a stand against this legislation; click here to read the letter sent to the Senate and Assembly Natural Resources Committees on on our behalf by attorney Bruce Wagman of Schiff Hardin, a San Francisco-based law firm. Both bills are driven by livestock interests, and would spell disaster for federally protected wild horses and burros. We'll keep you posted on these critical legislative developments. 



American Wild Horse Preservation

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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.