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Tell BLM: Protect Oregon's Hollywood Herd

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is accepting public comments on its plan to remove as many as 503 wild horses from their homes on the range in the South Steens Herd Management Area (HMA) in Oregon! These horses are part of the “Hollywood Herd,” and this HMA is a popular ecotourism destination for visitors from all over the world.

The BLM intends to round up 90 percent of the wild horses living in the HMA, and reduce the population to the low "Appropriate" Management Level (AML) of 159 horses. The remainder of the captured horses will be released back to the range; 75 percent of the mares will be treated with PZP fertility control before release. Ironically, the BLM states that it wants to "restore" the "Thriving Natural Ecological Balance" by removing only horses while ignoring the much larger threat to ecological balance caused by commercial livestock grazing and intensive predator-killing programs in the HMA! Please help protect this important wild horse population by submitting your comments today.


Photo by Laura Bold Photography.

Encourage BLM to Eliminate Helicopter Roundups

The BLM Tres Rios Field Office in Colorado is seeking public comments on a bait trapping proposal for the wild horses of the Spring Creek Basin HMA in the Disappointment Valley area of southwestern Colorado. The proposal was submitted by AWHPC coalition partner the National Mustang Association, Colorado Chapter, which has been partnering with the BLM on a PZP fertility control program in the HMA since 2011. In conjunction with this program, and efforts to retire the only active livestock grazing permit in the small, 20,000-acre HMA, this bait trap proposal represents a major step toward achieving humane management of this popular wild horse herd.

It is important to note that there is no roundup planned or needed in Spring Creek Basin at this time, and the goal of the PZP program is to minimize and, eventually to eliminate, removals of wild horses from the range. For any horses that must be removed in the interim, bait trapping is clearly a more humane and cost-effective approach than traumatic and expensive helicopter roundups. Please support this cooperative plan by taking action below.  

Photo by TJ Holmes. 


BLM Winter Roundups Continue

The BLM winter roundup season continues. On February 10, the agency completed the roundup of wild horses in Nevada's Little Fish Lake HMA with 147 captured, 140 permanently removed and seven released back to the range. This week, BLM helicopters are flying in Fish Creek HMA, where the BLM's Battle Mountain District intends to capture 500 wild horses, permanently removing as many as 200 of them, and releasing the rest back to the range with approximately 150 mares being treated with the PZP fertility control vaccine. 

Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education has been onsite for these roundups, doing the grueling work of witnessing and documenting these capture operations. Her reports from the field poignantly capture the trauma and anguish these horses suffer in the roundups, which forever rob them of their freedom and their families. Laura's reports serve as strong reminders of what we are fighting to change. The BLM Battle Mountain District's use of PZP fertility control represents progress in this fight for humane management. It's an important step toward the day when wild horses can remain wild and free on the range with their families, as nature intended. Read more on BLM's winter roundups here

Photo by Laura Leigh

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