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Tell BLM: Remove Livestock Not Wild Horses from Colorado Herd Area

Ranchers and their allies at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been gunning for the wild horses in Colorado's West Douglas Herd Area (HA) for years, even though this is one of the few remaining wild horse populations in the state. The agency's attempts to "zero out" this wild horse habitat have so far been held off thanks to lawsuits by The Cloud Foundation and others. Now the BLM is proposing to round up nearly half of the estimated 356 wild horses who live in the West Douglas HA and is seeking public comments regarding "additional alternatives or issues that should be considered" when evaluating the proposed roundup. 

This is a chance to show our public support for an alternative that removes privately-owned cattle not federally-protected wild horses from these public lands. Help send a strong message to the BLM that these lands belong to all Americans and all Americans should have a say in how they are managed. The deadline to speak up is Valentine's Day - so, please have a heart for Colorado mustangs and speak up today!


Tell BLM to Properly Use Birth Control on Cloud's Herd in the Pryor Mountains

The BLM Billings, Montana Field Office is seeking public comments on its plan to manage the famed Pryor Mountain wild horses with PZP fertility control. The Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Range is the home of Cloud and his mustang herd, subjects of the long-running PBS Nature documentary series, Cloud Wild Stallion of the Rockies by Ginger Kathrens. Kathrens is the founder of The Cloud Foundation, a key AWHPC coalition partner.

The long-term goal of the birth control plan is to humanely manage the Pryor horses on the range and eliminate the need for removals. A wild horse born in the Pryor Mountains should be allowed to live and die, wild and free, in the Pryor Mountains, and that is what this birth control plan can achieve. So please take a moment to support this effort, while suggesting certain adjustments that will make it as humane and effective as possible.

Photo by The Cloud Foundation.



Lockwood Wild Horses Set Free: Photos & Video Go Viral!

Last week, the magnificent Lockwood wild horse family captured by the Nevada Department of Agriculture and rescued by AWHPC was set free in a 300-acre pasture at a private sanctuary. Photos by Elissa Kline and video taken of the release -- showing the horses' palpable joy at their newfound freedom -- have gone viral! More than 700,000 people have seen Elissa's photos on Facebook and the story was featured this weekend on TheDodo.com!

As The Dodo said, freedom has never looked so good - so be sure to watch this uplifting video and learn more about this story on our website. Special thanks to the private sanctuary owner who offered this beautiful wild horse family a home where they could stay together, to the wonderful person who provided a foster home to these horses for nearly a year, and to all the AWHPC supporters who made it possible to rescue them. 

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American Wild Horse Preservation


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