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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

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Ask BLM Wyoming Citizen Board to Protect Wild Horses

Wyoming has only 2,500 wild horses left, and they are under attack...from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the State of Wyoming and powerful ranching interests seeking to wipe out wild horses to increase taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing on our public lands. Right now, we have an opportunity to speak up for them.

The BLM Wyoming Resource Advisory Council (RAC) will meet on Feb. 2-4, 2015 in Laramie. The RAC is a citizen advisory board that has within its jurisdiction all of the state's 16 wild horse Herd Management Areas (HMAs). BLM RACs are generally stacked with ranching interests and against wild horses, despite the American public's strong support for wild horse protection. The mission of RACs is to represent interested stakeholders in public lands management. Please join us in asking Wyoming RAC members to work together with us on humane and cost-effective solutions that Keep Wild Horses Wild. Two weeks ago we collected over 11,000 signatures in just four days on a similar petition to a RAC in Oregon. Will you help us beat that record by clicking below? It takes just one minute to help...and Wyoming's mustangs need all the help they can get!


AMERICAN MUSTANG: See it FREE on Hulu ... This Weekend Only

American Mustang the Movie is now offered on Hulu.com! To celebrate the premiere on Hulu, the film will stream free on Hulu Plus and Hulu Classic all weekend long! Hulu Plus members pay a subscription fee to access most movies and TV shows online. But from January 23rd through 25th, no fee is required to watch AM3D.

Bring the whole family together to watch American Mustang the Movie, a film that is as entertaining as it is compelling, uniquely weaving dramatic documentary footage of horses in the wild with an engaging coming-of-awareness story about a young girl’s growing affection and concern for a newly captured wild mustang. This important movie, produced by Ellie Phipps Price, one of AWHPC's strongest supporters, captures beautifully why wild horses mean so much to so many people.

The film is streaming free for three days only, so please don’t delay! Share, post, tell your friends and help raise awareness about wild horses by watching this moving film. Available to watch online for free, all weekend long! On Monday, January 26th, American Mustang will continue to be available to Hulu Plus subscribers. Watch it now: www.hulu.com/american-mustang.


The BLM's winter 2014/2015 roundup season is in full swing. The agency recently completed the roundup of 152 wild horses, 17 burros and one mule from the Centennial Herd Management Area located at the Naval Weapons Air Station at China Lake in southern California. The agency plans to put up for adoption all of the burros and 53 of the younger wild horses. The remainder of the animals will be returned to the range, with mares being treated with the PZP fertility control vaccine before release. Next on the BLM's schedule is the helicopter roundup of 180 wild horses from the Humboldt Herd Area. This area was "zeroed out" as wild horse habitat by the BLM, but some wild horses remain in the area, and are being removed by the BLM due to complaints from private landowners/ranchers in the area.

Roundups, in which wild horses and burros are terrorized and forced to run for miles and miles by helicopters, are always a concern under any circumstances. But winter roundups are particularly inhumane and dangerous because at this time of year, mares are heavily pregnant, and the trauma of roundup and capture causes significant numbers of mares to suffer spontaneous abortions. Read more about the ongoing roundups here

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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.