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AWHPC Takes a Stand for Wyoming's Last Mustangs

On Wednesday, December 17, AWHPC filed a motion to intervene in the State of Wyoming's lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The lawsuit, which continues Wyoming ranchers' legal assault on mustangs, seeks the removal of hundreds of additional wild horses from public lands in the state. Also last week, we filed the opening brief in our lawsuit against the BLM for its massive roundup of 1,263 wild horses from the Wyoming Checkerboard. Read more about our lawsuit against the BLM here

We are joined in both legal actions by our coalition partner The Cloud Foundation, photographers Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl, and our founding organization Return to Freedom. AWHPC is committed to providing Wyoming's wild horses a powerful voice and vigorous defense in federal court. Thank you to everyone who donated to support these legal actions. With fewer than 2,500 wild horses left in Wyoming, this work could not be more important.... if you haven't yet, please donate to support this effort.

Photo by Carol Walker, Living Images.

BLM Announces Winter 2015 Roundups

Beginning in January, the sickening roar of helicopters will again pierce the solitude of the high desert, as the BLM's winter roundup season begins. Although the agency has not yet released its entire 2015 roundup schedule, it appears that far fewer horses will be removed from the range this coming winter than in previous years. So far, the agency is targeting the removal of 600 wild horses from Utah and Nevada in January and February 2015. Each of these horses will lose their families and their freedom, and each of their losses has meaning. However, we must remember that the BLM historically targets thousands of wild horses for removal during the winter roundup season.

Of course, the reduced roundup schedule is happening for the wrong reason -- holding facilities are at capacity with 50,000 wild horses stockpiled, and the small number of horses that will be treated with fertility control shows that the agency is still on the wrong course. Read more about the BLM's 2015 roundup schedule here

What the 2015 Federal Spending Bill Means for America's Horses

The 2015 omnibus federal spending bill, signed into law last week by President Obama, contains mostly good news for America's horses. Most importantly, the bill continues the de facto ban on U.S. horse slaughter by prohibiting funding for federal horsemeat inspections. Without USDA inspections, horse slaughter plants cannot produce meat for human consumption. Also good news: the bill continues the prohibition on the killing of healthy, adoptable wild horses and burros and their sale for slaughter. Still troubling, however, is the earmarking of $1 million "to study and test the feasibility of implementing a sterilization program" for wild horses and burros on the range. AWHPC has long opposed permanent sterilization of wild horses.

We'll continue to closely monitor this situation. Meanwhile, read horse-related excerpts from the 2015 spending bill here.


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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.