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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

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Oppose BLM Utah Wild Horse Wipeout 

Caving in to the bullying tactics and threats of illegal action by ranchers and local officials in Utah who want to "keep ranges open for cattle grazing," the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing a massive wild horse roundup in the Bible Springs Complex in the southwestern part of the state. The proposed July roundup will subject wild horses -- including recently born foals, elderly horses and debilitated animals surviving on low water resources due to drought -- to the terror, trauma and extreme physical exertion of a helicopter stampede conducted in summer desert heat. Worse, the agency's plan to remove 600-697 wild horses from this area is based on wildly inflated population estimates and, as a result, could decimate the Bible Springs Complex mustang herds.

Please help us deliver a loud and clear message to the BLM that these national icons -- like the public lands themselves -- belong to all Americans from all 50 states, not just the handful of ranchers who profit from grazing their livestock on our public rangelands with subsidies paid by all American taxpayers. Please oppose this outrageous and cruel roundup now!


AWHPC and AMERICAN MUSTANG Bring Plight of Wild Horses to Washington, DC

On May 7-8, AWHPC's Suzanne Roy traveled to Washington, DC with key AWHPC supporter Ellie Phipps Price, who is the producer of the new documentary film AMERICAN MUSTANG. After meetings on the Hill and a successful screening of the film, which was attended by U.S. Senators Mary Landrieu and Kirsten Gillibrand and key officials from prominent humane and environmental organizations, Ellie and Suzanne delivered thousands of postcards from American citizens to the Department of the Interior calling for better protections for our nation's wild horses and burros. It was an honor to meet with Senators Landrieu, Gillibrand and others committed to reforming the costly and cruel federal wild horse program and to improving our treatment of these national icons. Read more about the trip to DC here

May Is Burro Awareness Month

Burros are amazing, hardy animals who manage to survive under the harshest conditions. Sadly, just like their wild horse cousins, they cling to a tenuous existence on our public lands due to a shrinking habitat and a federal management program that rounds them up and removes them from their homes on the range.

In celebration of burros, AWHPC has declared May as "Burro Awareness Month." We'll be featuring burros and interesting facts about them in our enewsletter and on our Facebook page.

To kick off Burro Awareness month, we are asking you to share with us any photos, videos or personal stories you have regarding burros. You can email them to us or post them on our Facebook Page. Meanwhile, visit our Burro Awareness Webpage to learn more about the steadfast and intriguing burros of the American West.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. The Campaign is endorsed by a national coalition of more than 60 organizations. AWHPC's founding organization Return to Freedom (RTF), is a national non-profit dedicated to wild horse preservation through sanctuary, education and conservation. RTF's American Wild Horse Sanctuary is based in Lompoc, CA.

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