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Nevada Residents: Please Ask Senator Harry Reid to Help Wild Horses of the Sheldon Refuge

Dear Supporter,

Your Senator, Harry Reid, can help these horses.....but he needs to hear from you.  Last fall, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shipped 245 wild horses captured from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada to slaughter middleman Stan Palmer in Mississippi.
Palmer got rid of most of these horses within 25 days of advertising on them Facebook as, unbranded, untattooed wild horses available for free by the trailer load . . . no questions asked. 
Now 200 of these horses have gone missing - taken by the truckload from Palmer's property by five so-called adopters. Not one of these "adopters" would allow the Fish and Wildlife Service to inspect these horses. 
Without visual confirmation and identification via the microchips that are implanted in all Sheldon horses, these federal horses have "disappeared," and there is good reason to believe they have entered the slaughter pipeline. Senator Reid, as Majority Leader, has the power to decide whether the Senate conducts an inquiry into this matter. Will you take just one moment to contact Senator Reid and ask him to help hold the Fish and Wildlife Service accountable for these Sheldon horses? 

Photo by Mike Lorden.

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