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This has been a tough week for our movement.

We wrote to you yesterday to ask you to tell BLM bosses in Washington to cancel plans to round up a herd of beloved mustangs outside Carson City, Nevada. The BLM didn't listen and yesterday afternoon swooped in to take the horses off the range.

Not only was this, like every round-up, unnecessary, but it was also heartless. The local community demanded that the BLM leave these horses alone and repeatedly offered to work with the agency to find alternatives to allow this herd to remain free and wild. The BLM rejected these viable solutions, including fencing (something the BLM does routinely for livestock) even though the community and AWHPC offered to pay for them.

This morning, the LA Times summed this situation up perfectly with an article titled, "Carson City neighborhood grieves as BLM traps local wild horses."

All of this happened as a law to legalize horse slaughter sits on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's desk. If signed, the bill would allow for the operation of horse slaughter plants in a state where thousands of wild horses are held in BLM long-term holding facilities.

This is what we're up against, and we've got to fight back.

Today you can do two things for our wild horses.

1. Call Neil Kornze, the new acting director of the BLM, at 202-208-3801 to protest yesterday’s removal of the small wild horse herd near Carson City over the community’s vehement objections. Urge him to work with neighbors to return the horses to the range so that the community can continue to enjoy them and the horses can continue to remain free.

2. Call Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin at 918-581-2801 or 405-521-2342 and urge her not to sign the horse slaughter bill. Her office is taking an official poll on the issue, and she needs to know that slaughtering horses is un-American and opposed by the public

Let's flood the lines and send a powerful message to those in power that the small group of special interests that support round-ups and slaughter are no match for our movement.


- The AWHPC Team

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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.