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Rambo and his family band peacefully grazing on the Virginia Range.
Photo credit: Ellen Holcomb.

Dear Supporter,

Your help is urgently needed to save 41 wild Nevada mustangs from slaughter -- including the band stallion Rambo and his family (pictured above). These wild horses were captured from the Virginia Range by the Nevada Department of Agriculture and will be put up for bid at a slaughter auction on January 9th. A photographer captured the recent brutal treatment of Rambo's small foal as he was pulled by the neck when the state was capturing these horses.

Unless we can raise $10,000 for their rescue and care, these historic mustangs will likely be purchased by kill buyers and trucked to Mexico where they will face an unspeakably cruel death at a brutal slaughter plant.

Will you please help save Rambo, his mares, foals and the other horses by contributing to the Virginia Range Mustang Rescue Fund?

Local Nevada advocacy groups are standing by to rescue these beautiful horses if only we can raise the funds to save them.

The amazing local Nevada groups have already rescued 99 wild Virginia Range horses, who were also captured by the state and dumped at the livestock auction. The advocates have temporary housing lined up for the 41 horses currently in jeopardy -- if only we can again raise the funds to allow them to save these mustangs.

Some of the 41 wild mustangs whose lives hang in the balance. 

All donations will go directly towards the rescue of these horses.

At the same time, we are stepping up efforts to pressure Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and the state of Nevada to stop the outrageous capture and sale of the state's historic wild horses and implement a humane, long-term plan for wild horses living on state lands in Nevada. We will provide an update on these efforts in the weeks ahead.

Knowing that Rambo, his family and the others are currently standing in holding pens awaiting their fate, we could not turn our backs on these horses. Please help us save these horses from slaughter. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do to help wild horses and burros,

The AWHPC Team


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