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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

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Stand Up for New Mexico's Few Remaining Mustangs: Oppose Jicarilla Roundup Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comments on a proposal to roundup and remove 323 wild horses, or approximately 80 percent of New Mexico's beautiful Jicarilla wild horse herd. The removal of hundreds of Jicarilla horses is being proposed despite the fact that the agency has run out of room to house captured mustangs. Let's take this opportunity to send in thousands of letters urging the BLM to forgo any removals and to manage the Jicarilla wild horses on the range, where they belong. 

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AWHPC Delivers Letter Signed by 25,000+ Americans to Interior Secretary Salazar

Thanks to all who signed and shared our petition calling on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to suspend the BLM's roundup and sale of wild horses. On Tuesday, November 13, AWHPC supporters Puller Lanigan and Tim Parmly (pictured at left) delivered the petition - signed by 25,130 fellow Americans - to the Interior Department in Washington, DC. On the same day, news broke that Secretary Salazar had threatened to "punch out" investigative journalist Dave Phillips, who recently exposed the BLM's sale of "truckload upon truckload" of captured wild horses to a known kill buyer. Salazar claimed that he was "not familiar with what exactly is going on" with the situation, even though the kill buyer, Tom Davis, is Salazar's Colorado neighbor and business associate. Please help us hold Secretary Salazar accountable by taking action below. 

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The Tragic Face of the BLM's Wild Horse Program

Miss Mara, pictured at left, lived wild and free in the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA) in northern California until she was rounded up by the BLM and sold for a mere $25 or less. She ended up at an auction and was purchased by someone who could not handle her. Her skull was fractured and she had a gun put to her head by a police officer before she was saved by the Wild Horse Rescue Center of Florida.

Yesterday, Miss Mara arrived at Return to Freedom's (RTF's) American Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, CA. Joining Miss Mara at RTF are her friend Epic, another wild caught mustang, and Epic's colt, Little Kudo. Epic was sold by BLM and used for years in a brutal rodeo before being dumped at an illegal slaughter farm in Florida. She was saved by Richard Couto, founder of ARM (Animal Rescue Mission). At RTF, Miss Mara, Epic and Little Kudo will be given a lifelong home and a chance to heal from their physical and psychological wounds. Their story tragically demonstrates the failure of the BLM's wild horse program. To learn more about this rescue and how to help, please click here.

Roundup Update

The BLM's winter roundup schedule targets 3,500 wild horses for removal from their homes on the range and is well underway. 


... Wassuk Herd Management Area, Nevada. The eight-day roundup concluded on November 12, with 457 wild horses captured, with at least five fatalities. The BLM cancelled its plan to return 250 Wassuk mustangs to the range, and instead removed every captured horse. AWHPC was onsite and documented horrific treatment of a wild mare, who was killed the next day by the BLM. AWHPC is filing a complaint over the abysmal treatment of this wild horse. 


... North Lander Complex, WyomingThe roundup of 800 horses, which began Saturday, November 3, 2012, continues. To date, the agency has captured 674 wild horses and returned 285 to the range. AWHPC convinced the BLM to cancel a dangerous test of the experimental drug SpayVac on wild mares in this Complex. Sadly, four horses have died as a result of the roundup, including an elderly stallion, described as being in excess of 30 years old and body condition 1 on the Henneke scale. There is no excuse for subjecting horses like this stallion or the mare described above, each of whom would not have lived long if left on the range, to the extreme physical exertion and trauma of a helicopter drive. Only the motivation of contractors who get paid "per head" captured can explain such inhumane treatment. 


... Owyhee Complex, Nevada. This massive capture operation, which aims to remove close to 1,000 wild horses from public lands in northeastern Nevada, has been postposed and will now begin on November 26, 2102. We will provide eyewitness reports from this roundup.


The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.

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