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Dear Supporter,                                       February 28, 2012

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Thursday: National Call-In Day to Protest Interior Secretary Salazar's Pro-Horse Slaughter Appointment

This Thursday, March 1, please join AWHPC coalition partner The Cloud Foundation's National Wild Horse and Burro Protest Day. Show your support by calling the office of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to protest his appointment of a pro-slaughter cattlewoman to represent the "general public interest" on the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. 
With over 46,000 wild horses stockpiled in government holding facilities - the threat of slaughter looms larger every day for America's iconic mustangs. The BLM's stacking of the Advisory Board with pro-slaughter members increases this threat. Take Action today by clicking here or below.

Reminder: Speak Up for Idaho's Wild Horses in Challis

If you have not done so yet, please take a moment to oppose the BLM's proposal to conduct another roundup of wild horses in Idaho's Challis Herd Management Area (HMA). This action will take place three years after the 2009 roundup of 366 wild horses in this HMA that killed at least 11 mustangs. The BLM allows just 185 wild horses to live in the Challis HMA, while permitting at least five times as many cattle to graze there. Please take action by clicking here or below. (Photo of Challis mustangs before the 2009 roundup by Elissa Kline.)


BLM Announces First "Ecosanctuary"

The BLM has announced its choice of rancher Richard Wilson of Wyoming’s Centennial Valley, as the first designated "ecosanctuary" to house wild horses captured from the range. The agency says that it will perform an environmental assessment on the plan to hold 250 mustangs on Wilson's 4,000-acre ranch, which is located in southeastern Wyoming, approximately 30 miles west of Laramie.

The primary difference between the "ecosanctuary" and long-term holding (LTH) facilities, where roughly 35,000 mustangs are currently warehoused, is that the ecosanctuary will be open to the public, although the parameters for public access to the "ecosanctuary" remain undefined. Read the BLM press release announcing its designation of the first "ecosanctuary" by clicking here. A BLM question-and-answer document is available here.

Horse Slaughter Business Claims It Will Open Slaughter Plant in Missouri by the End of the Year

The small town of Mountain Grove, Missouri is the latest target for those trying to open a horse slaughter plant in the United States. Horror stories from U.S. communities where horse slaughter plants were located (before the last plant closed in 2007) abound, yet the small town of Mountain Grove, with a population of less than 5,000 people, 28% of whom live below the poverty line, might be vulnerable to those who seek to profit from the misery of horse slaughter. Please watch the local television channel KY3's report on this disturbing development by clicking here or on the picture below. Then be sure to contact your elected officials in Washington to urge them to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. 

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. Supported by a coalition of over 40 organizations, its grassroots campaign seeks:

    * A suspension of roundups in all but verifiable emergency situations while the entire BLM wild horse program undergoes objective and scientific review;

    * Higher Appropriate Management Levels (AML) for wild horses on those rangelands designated for them;

   * Implementation of in-the-wild management, which would keep wild horses on the range and save taxpayers millions of dollars annually by avoiding the removal and stockpiling of wild horses in government holding facilities.



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