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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Hello Supporter,                 March 30, 2011

BLM Plans Dangerous Summer Roundups of Oregon Mustangs


Send In Your Comments Opposing Unnecessary Actions Today!

The Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is requesting public comments on the Environmental Assessments (EAs) for roundups in the Three Fingers and Jackies Butte Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in southwestern Oregon. The proposed action will utilize helicopter stampedes conducted during the dangerous heat of August. The BLM is targeting 460 mustangs for capture; 310 of them will be permanently removed from the range. Only 75 mustangs will be left in these HMAs where BLM allocates nearly three times more forage and water to livestock than to wild horses.

Please get your comments in today to oppose these roundups, which continue BLM's gross mismanagement of our nation's wild horses and burros. Take Easy Action Here.

"Do or Die" Time for Congress on 2011 Budget

If BLM doesn't get budget increase, 5,00 horses & burros will be spared capture  - act today!

The House of Representatives and Senate must hammer out a 2011 spending bill by April 8, 2011 or face a government shutdown. What is decided on Capitol Hill in the next two weeks could determine the fate of 5,000 mustangs and burros in the West. If the Congress awards BLM its requested spending increase, the agency will roundup the horses. If the BLM is denied a spending increase, those mustangs will be safe for the remainder of this fiscal year.

The House has already passed a spending bill that not only rejects the BLM's requested increase, but also docks the agency's budget $2 million to "send a very strong message" about the need to reform the costly and inhumane wild horse program. The Senate, however, has been pushing a bill that would award BLM its requested increase.

Even if you have done so before, please contact your federal legislators now to demand that no more money is pumped into the broken federal wild horse program. Take Easy Action Here.


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The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. Supported by a coalition of over 40 organizations, its grassroots campaign seeks:

    * A suspension of roundups in all but verifiable emergency situations while the entire BLM wild horse program undergoes objective and scientific review;
    * Higher Appropriate Management Levels (AML) for wild horses on those rangelands designated for them;
    * Implementation of in-the-wild management, which would keep wild horses on the range and save taxpayers millions annually by avoiding the mass removal and stockpiling wild horses in government holding facilities.


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Also of Note...

More Anti-Mustang Legislation Introduced in Nevada

The anti-mustang cattlemen are at it again with Nevada legislation to cut off wild horses and burros from water sources on public lands in the state. This is in addition to the resolution under consideration in the Nevada Senate to oppose wild horse preserves on federal lands in the state.

Take action to tell the Nevada legislators that these initiatives are bad for the state and bad for America's wild horses. 

Non-Nevada Residents Click Here

Nevada Residents Click Here

Read Investigative Reporter George Knapp's latest expose on SJR5.

31 Elder Adobe Town Mustangs Rescued & Released in New Mexico

Among the more than 2,000 wild horses captured in the BLM's Adobe Town/Salt Wells roundup last October were 251 older mustangs. All mustangs over the age of 10  are “sale authority” horses and can be sold for $25 a piece; so many of them  eventually end up at slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. Thanks to wild horse advocates, 31 of the older Adobe Town mares and stallions have been rescued and released  at the Blackstone Ranch in Taos, NM. Photographer Carol Walker has chronicled their journey from proud Wyoming mustangs to captives of the BLM to safety in New Mexico. Read her moving photo-essay here.