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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Hello Supporter,                   January 26, 2011

BLM Wants To Remove Another 1,726 Mustangs from NE Nevada

The Mustangs Need Your Voice Today! 

It's time to get our comments in on the latest Environmental Assessment (EA) that attempts to justify the mass removal of mustangs from our public lands. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is again targeting wild horses in northeastern Nevada, in the Triple B, Medicine Maverick and Antelope Valley Herd Management Areas and in the U.S. Forest Service's Cherry Springs Wild Horse Territory. The roundup will leave behind just 472 wild horses, but nine times that number of livestock on this 1.7 million-acre range.

Please be assured that our comments do make a difference - we are building an important public record of tremendous public opposition to the BLM's current policy.  Take Easy Action Here.

BLM's Rejection of Eco-Sanctuary Catapults Madeleine Pickens' Plan for Mustangs to Center Stage

Senior Congressman Blasts BLM for Mismanaging Tax Dollars & Wild Horses

U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) took to the House floor on Monday to express his outrage over the BLM's rejection of a cost-saving proposal by philanthropist and businesswoman Madeleine Pickens to create a wild horse eco-sanctuary in northeast Nevada. "A bureaucratic nightmare" is the way the Congressman characterized BLM's decision to proceed with the Antelope Complex roundup and ship captured mustangs over a thousand miles away to holding facilities in the Midwest instead of housing them next to their home range on ranches that Mrs. Pickens has purchased for the eco-sanctuary. Read more and thank Rep. Burton for calling out BLM's mismanagement of our wild horses and our tax dollars.

Antelope Roundup Begins

One day, this beautiful wild horse family was living free on the range in northeast Nevada's Antelope Complex. The next day, they were running for their lives.

The BLM's decision to proceed with the massive Antelope roundup despite a cost-saving alternative (see above) is sparking nationwide outrage and shining a harsh public spotlight on this agency's costly and inhumane wild horse policies.

Over the next six weeks, the BLM intends to remove over 2,000 wild horses from this 1.3 million-acre complex, leaving behind as few as 427 horses in an area where 2,400 cattle and over 10,000 sheep are allowed to graze.

AWHPC's Deniz Bolbol and advocate Laura Leigh are in the field witnessing the roundup. Read daily reports from the frontlines and take action against this senseless roundup. (Photos by Laura Leigh)


AWHPC Founding Sponsor          Advocacy Sponsor

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. Supported by a coalition of over 40 organizations, its grassroots campaign seeks:

    * A suspension of roundups in all but verifiable emergency situations while the entire BLM wild horse program undergoes objective and scientific review;
    * Higher Appropriate Management Levels (AML) for wild horses on those rangelands designated for them;
    * Implementation of in-the-wild management, which would keep wild horses on the range and save taxpayers millions annually by avoiding the mass removal and stockpiling wild horses in government holding facilities.


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Also of Note...

Still Time to Advocate for Idaho Mustangs        Submit comments by Mon. 1/31 on plan that will set wild horse numbers

If you haven't done so yet, please submit comments on the BLM's Jarbidge, Idaho Resource Management Plan (RMP). This is the stage of the planning process when resource allocations are made for wild horses, livestock, wildlife and other uses of our public lands. The mustangs need to be represented in this process and you are their voice! Take Easy Action Today.

Act by Midnight Today (Wed.) to Bring the Plight of Wild Horses to Pres. Obama's Attention

Following last night's State of the Union, President Obama has announced that he will take questions from America in a  live You Tube interview tomorrow 1/27. Wild horse advocate Madeleine Pickens has submitted a question to You Tube that you can vote for.

To vote, just follow these four easy steps:

1. Go to You Tube .

2. Sign in to You Tube or create an account (only takes a minute)

3. Enter "85 million" in the right-hand search bar.

4. The question should be in the center area - just click the thumbs up button.

Once you’ve voted the thumbs-up icon will turn green and your vote has been recorded. That’s all it takes. Remember to vote by midnight tonight (Wednesday) and get your friends and family to do the same!

AWHPC Asks Senate to Rein in BLM; Halt Unnecessary Wild Horse Roundup

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is asking two U.S Senate Committee's with jurisdiction over BLM to intervene to halt the blatant waste of tax dollars on the Antelope Complex roundup.

Read AWHPC's letter.      Support AWHPC's efforts.