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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

November 12, 2010

Largest Roundup of 2010 Drawing To A Close

Conservation Group Joins AWHPC To Condemn Removal of 2,100 WY Mustangs While Livestock Grazing Continues

As one of the largest wild horse roundups in recent history enters its final week in southwest Wyoming, a coalition of environmental and wild horse conservationists is charging that commercial interests, not overpopulation, are the driving force behind the mass mustang removal.The planned removal of over 2,100 wild horses makes the action in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Areas (HMAs) the largest wild horse roundup of 2010. Read More        

Another Stallion Dies After Breaking Neck in BLM Helicopter Stampede

1st Week of Oregon Roundup Kills 9 Mustangs

One month to the day after the stallion we call Braveheart broke his neck and died defending his family during the BLM's Silver King roundup, another mustang stallion has died from the same cause. Wild horse advocates were on the scene, documenting and watching in horror as a gorgeious blue roan stud charged the fence, sustaining a mortal injury and slowly dying before their eyes.

The roundup in the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) has claimed eight other victims, including a young foal who was shot  after suffering from from "rhabdomyolysis,” which is defined as "the rapid breakdown (lysis) of skeletal muscle (rhabdomyo) due to injury to muscle tissue..” This condition resulted from a miles-long helicopter stampede that caused extreme trauma and exertion. Read More


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