Tell Your Senators to Vote No on Wild Horse Sterilization & Killing

This is one of the sterilization methods that the BLM is propsing for wild mares. 


The Senate Appropriations Committee will be voting on Fiscal Year 2019 Interior Department spending legislation this week. 

Last week, the House adopted a dangerous amendment that authorizes the BLM to "manage any group of wild horses or burros as a non-reproducing or single sex herd, in whole or in part, including through chemical or surgical sterilization."

This amendment literally puts a target on every mustang and burro herd in the West.

Last year, the Senate rejected House language that would have allowed the BLM to kill tens of thousands of these federally-protected animals. 

Now we must prevail on the Sentate to stand again for wild horses and burros by rejecting this inhumane and unscientific legislative language. If we don't, it will be the beginning of the end for America's wild free-roaming herds.  

1. Call Your Senators at the number that appears below.  

All you need to say is: "I'm a constituent, and I request that Senator [Name] ensure that the 2019 Interior Appropriations bill prohibits the killing, slaughter or mass sterilization of federally-protected wild horses and burros. Sterilization will take the wild out of wild horses by destroying their natural behaviors and will endanger their lives with risky surgeries.  Please ask Senator [Name] to vote with the 80 percent of Americans who want our wild horses and burros protected, not destroyed."

2. Follow up your call with an email.

Just personalize the sample letter below. Then click on SUBMIT to send. Thank you for standing up for our wild horses and burros at this most critical time!