Tell the House to Keep 2019 Spending Legislation Slaughter Free

Last year, the House of Representatives passed spending legislation for the Interior Department that would have resulted in the killing or sale for slaughter of as many as 100,000 wild horses and burros for slaughter. The U.S. Senate, however, stood with the overwhelming majority of Americans by rejecting mass mustang slaughter, and the final Fiscal Year 2018 spending legislation maintained long-standing protections.

Now we need to stand strong again as pro-slaughter members of the House may again try to introduce an amendment to strip the prohibition on destruction and sale for slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros from Fiscal Year 2019 Interior spending legislation. These members may also try to introduce language requiring the surgical sterilization of wild horses and burros, which would spell the end for our wild free-roaming herds.

Please act today... The lives of 100,000 wild horses and burros are again on the line!

1. Call Your Representative at the number that appears below. (You may need to enter your zip code and street address to locate your Rep.) *Please make sure you remain polite and respectful* All you need to say is:

"I'm a constituent, and I want Representative [Name] to contact the Appropriations Committee to ask members to reject any amendment to Fiscal Year 2019 spending legislation to strip the ban on destroying healthy wild horses and burros and selling them for slaughter. Please ask the Committee to also reject any bill or report language to require or promote the surgical sterilization of wild horses and burros, which would destroy their natural behaviors and endanger their lives. These animals should be humanely managed with birth control, not killed or slaughtered. Please take this action on behalf of your constituents and the 80 percent of Americans who want our wild horses and burros humanely managed, not destroyed."

2. Follow up your call with an email that personalizes the sample letter below. Then click on SUBMIT to send. Thank you for standing up for our wild horses and burros at this most critical time!