Dear Supporter,

This week is CRITICAL to the future of over 92,000 wild horses and burros.

We're hearing that a key Congressional committee is going to decide as early as next week whether to grant the Interior Department’s 2018 budget request to lift the ban on slaughtering wild horses and burros. This means we have just 7 days to make our voices heard to stop the slaughter.

It's do or die for wild horses. If this budget passes, we might not get another chance to save them.

We can beat this, and YOU can make the difference.

Even if you have acted before, please click here to take quick action. 

Our wild horses and burros can't speak for themselves -- they need you to be their voice!

We'll be in touch this week with some other quick actions you can do to help save these horses from slaughter. This could be our last chance to protect them -- we need your help now.


Suzanne Roy

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