Dear Supporter,

We need you to make one call to your Senator, Patrick Leahy, today.

Sen. Leahy is on the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee and will play a key role in determining whether as many as 92,000 wild horses and burros will be slaughtered and their wild populations reduced to near-extinction levels. 

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is scheduled to come before this subcommittee on Wednesday (6/21) to defend his Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which asks Congress to lift the ban on destroying healthy wild horses and burros and selling these cherished animals for slaughter.

Supporter, that's why Senator Leahy needs to hear from you today! 

1. Please call him. If his DC office number is busy, call one of his state offices: 

Washington, DC  202-224-4242

Burlington: 802-863-2525

2. All you have to say is "Hi, I'm calling from [your town] to ask Senator Leahy to oppose the Interior Department's request to lift the ban on slaughtering America's wild horses and burros. These animals should be humanely managed with birth control, not slaughter. Secretary Zinke is coming before the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee this week, and I hope that Senator Leahy will let him know in the strongest terms that he opposes the mass slaughter of America's mustangs and burros. Thank you very much."

3. Follow up your email by sending a personal email to Senator Leahy - CLICK HERE. (Choose "environment" as the subject.)
4. Shoot us an EMAIL to let us know that you called. 

Remember: One phone call to Senator Leahy from you today will help decide whether thousands of wild horses and burros will actually have a tomorrow.

Thank you for standing with America's wild horses and burros!

The AWHC Team