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Dear Supporter,

Meet Tulip and Cholla, two wild Arizona burros. Far from being “beasts of burden,” this mom and baby live free and untethered in the vast Mojave landscape, where their ancestors have lived for over a century and a half.

Burros are seriously cute, and historic. They’re natural treasures for Arizona, the state with the largest and healthiest wild burro populations in the country.

But not everyone thinks so.

Some trophy hunters are taking aim at Arizona's wild burros, because they view them as competition for animals they want to shoot. 

A high ranking AZ Game and Fish official told us that he considers burros to be  “pests” and would have no problem "getting rid of all of them."  A Mojave County Supervisor even suggested opening a hunting season on these innocent and peaceful animals!

We’re fighting for Arizona burros with all we’ve got, and we're gaining political allies. 

But danger lurks.

In 2017, the Congress will consider budget language that would allow the BLM to strip captured burros of their federal protections and turn them over to the very state and local officials who want them dead. Thousands of burros could be killed.

We can’t let this happen and we won’t … with your help.

Tulip and Cholla are reasons to give. Their future depends on you.

In Freedom,

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director

P.S. Remember... all year-end donations made by midnight on December 31st will be matched, so please double your impact today! 

Photo: Blythe Watt

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