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Photo | Mike Lorden

November 17, 2016

Ask Trump: Protect Symbol of America's Greatness - Our Mustangs

Just last week, to the nation's surprise, Donald Trump won the presidential election with a promise to cut through political bureaucracy and give government back to the people. Now let's ask President-Elect Trump to listen to the will of the American public, which overwhelmingly opposes horse slaughter and wants our wild horses and burros protected on our public lands. 

Mr. Trump is asking for the citizens' ideas on how to make America great again. Just click the link below to tell him. The stakes could not be higher  tens of thousands of wild horses are at risk of brutal slaughter  so please act today!

Craft your own message, or cut and paste this one: "Please save our American mustangs - living symbols of America's greatness. It's time to fix federal government mismanagement of wild horses and burros. These national icons deserve to be protected and humanely managed, not rounded up and brutally slaughtered."


Owyhee Roundup Continues in Eastern Nevada

Since November 2nd, the Bureau of Land Management has been conducting a costly helicopter roundup to capture and remove 1,100 wild horses from the Owyhee Complex in eastern Nevada. So far, 737 wild horses have been captured and, of those, 7 have died. The BLM has returned 193 horses to the range after treating mares with the PZP birth control vaccine. Hundreds of captured Owyhee horses have been shipped to the BLM's Palomino Valley holding facility, where they languish in feedlot pens awaiting an uncertain fate. 

AWHPC is currently pressuring the BLM to provide public observation during each day of the roundup. Currently the agency plans to restrict access to the final portion of the capture operation to just two days per week.  



We are thrilled to present our 2017 calendar featuring the stunning photography of amazing wild horse and burro photographers and AWHPC friends. All proceeds will be used to fund our advocacy, litigation, field, and rescue programs.


Photo 1: Mike Lorden


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