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Photo of Little Book Cliffs Stallion | Marty Felix

July 26, 2016

Support Humane Mustang Management in Colorado! 

We do a lot of complaining, and rightly so, because the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) wild horse and burro policies nationally are a disaster! But rays of hope exist, and we must support progress when and where it occurs. Such is the case in Colorado, where BLM is leading the way in community partnerships for humane on-the-range management programs in three herd management areas -- Little Book Cliffs, Spring Creek Basin, and Sand Wash Basin.

On August 4, the BLM will hold a public hearing on the use of motorized equipment for wild horse management in the state. The BLM currently is using less traumatic bait trapping as a priority over helicopter roundups in most Colorado HMAs, and has minimized removals thanks to successful PZP fertility-control programs. Please support these model humane management programs by signing our petition in support of BLM Colorado's work in these areas. Your signatures will be hand delivered at the meeting by Colorado wild horse advocates with a thank you card to the BLM. Don't miss this opportunity to take positive action that encourages humane mustang management programs today!


Update: BLM Mare Sterilization Research

Earlier this week, Front Range Equine Rescue, an AWHPC coalition member, filed suit in federal court to stop the BLM from conducting gruesome sterilization experiments on wild mares at the agency's Burns, Oregon corrals. These experiments will subject wild mares to dangerous, invasive and archaic surgery to remove their ovaries. The majority of mares in the experiments will be pregnant, and many will lose their unborn foals. AWHPC is grateful to Front Range for taking this case on!

At the same time, AWHPC and the The Cloud Foundation are prepared to file suit to secure the public's First Amendment right to observe these experiments, in the event that the agency proceeds with them. One of BLM's stated reasons for conducting these experiments is to determine whether or not the procedures are "socially acceptable," so it is absolutely critical that we prevent the agency from conducting this invasive and dangerous "research" behind closed doors. We also continue to pursue litigation to prevent the BLM from implementing mass surgical sterilizations of wild horses and burros on the range. Learn more by clicking below.


Spread the Word for Humane Wild Horse Management Policies

Please read and share the latest Op-eds by AWHPC Executive Director Suzanne Roy and AWHPC supporter and wild horse advocate Brenda Love Bennett regarding the continuing failures of the BLM's wild horse policies and suggestions for changes that protect wild horses and burros and keep them free. It's absolutely critical that we continue to use the media to let our citizens know that there is a better way to manage our wild horses. If you are interested in submitting an Op-ed or letter to the editor of your local paper, please email us and we will provide you with suggestions and talking points. 


The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is 501(c)3 non-profit. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our work. 

Header photo: Marty Felix Photo 1: TJ Holmes Photo 2 & 3: Mike Lorden


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