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Photo of Triple B Wild Horses | BLM

July 14, 2016

Mine Expansion to Impact Triple B Wild Horses in Nevada

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comments on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) regarding the proposed expansion of the Bald Mountain Mine, an open pit gold mine in White Pine County, Nevada. The mine lies entirely within the Triple B Herd Management Area (HMA), and the expansion will have a negative impact on over 7,000 acres of habitat and available surface water availability by draining water from aquifers already depleted from drought. Even if BLM ultimately approves the mine (a scenario that seems likely), the agency can take steps to protect horses and mitigate impacts of the mine expansion. Take action below to urge BLM to protect wild horses in the Triple B HMA.


Colorado Congressman Stands Up for Wild Horses

Just after midnight last night, Colorado Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to defend America's wild horses and burros by speaking out strongly against the BLM's cruel and dangerous mass sterilization plans. "What distinguishes wild horses from their domestic counterparts is their natural behaviors and their complex social organization. Surgical sterilization will take the 'wild' out of wild horses... It will turn them into little more than pasture horses, destroying their complex social organization and inalterably changing the wild free-roaming behaviors that Congress sought to protect... These kind of procedures destroy the wild nature of wild horses. They are a waste of taxpayer money and are inhumane," he said. In response, the chair of the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, Ken Calvert (R-CA), agreed to work with Rep. Polis to develop humane solutions for wild horse management. AWHPC thanks Rep. Polis for speaking up for America's wild horses and burros! See his floor statement and read more below.


BLM Roundup Update

The BLM has announced its intention to round up 100 wild horses from the Three Fingers HMA near Vale, Oregon. The agency will permanently remove 50 horses from the HMA and will return 50 horses to the range after the mares are treated with the PZP-22 birth control vaccine. The BLM is using fire restoration as an excuse for this roundup, even though its Decision Record states that only 15 of the estimated 202 wild horses living in the Three Fingers HMA are grazing outside the HMA boundary in the Soda Fire Restoration Area. The agency is also blaming wild horses for range degradation in an area where over 1,600 cattle are authorized to graze in allotments that overlap the HMA. Of interest is the fact that two of the livestock permittees in this area provide "free range" beef to Whole Foods via the Oregon-based Country Natural Beef Cooperative.

In other roundup news, the agency's Conger/Frisco roundup in Utah continues, with 370 wild horses captured and permanently removed from their homes on the range so far. 



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