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Photo | Mary Cioffi

June 29, 2016

Take Action Today: Protect the Pine Nut Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public input on its plan to conduct a roundup and birth control program in and around the Pine Nut Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) - which includes the nearby Fish Springs area outside Gardnerville, Nevada. AWHPC is proud of our partnership with the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates to keep the Fish Springs wild horses wild and believes that this program needs to be expanded. Please take a minute to submit your comments urging the BLM to continue the humane birth control program and forgo the proposed roundup and removal of horses. The Fish Springs humane management program happened because of public support - please show your support for the Pine Nut wild horses by submitting your comments today.


BLM Approves Barbaric Sterilization Experiments

Despite objections by more than 21,000 members of the public, the BLM has released a Decision Record announcing its intention to move forward with barbaric surgical sterilization experiments on wild mares held at the BLM's corrals in Hines, Oregon. The agency intends to perform the risky and invasive procedures on more than 200 wild mares; at least half will be pregnant. Many will lose their foals as a result of the procedures. AWHPC has been fighting the BLM's reckless plans to experiment on wild mares every step of the way and is currently exploring all options to stop this unnecessary and inhumane research.  Click below to learn more. 


Arizona Congressman Clarifies Stand Against Horse Slaughter

At last week's House of Representatives "oversight" hearing on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, Rep. Paul Gosar seemed to indicate that he felt Congressional prohibition on wild horse and burro slaughter was unnecessary, raising concerns that he supported overturning the slaughter ban. Last week, after hearing from his constituents, Rep. Gosar clarified his stand in a letter to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and AWHPC: "Let me be clear about my position. I do not support horse slaughter."  AWHPC and the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group thank Rep. Gosar for opposing the cruel practice of horse slaughter, and we look forward to meeting with him to discuss humane wild horse and burro management strategies.



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Photo 1: Mary Cioffi, Photo 2: Mike Lorden, Photo 3: Jennifer MaHarry