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Simone Netherlands of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, & AWHPC lobbyist Greg Patterson 

May 12, 2016

Arizona Governor Signs Historic Bill to Protect Salt River Wild Horses

Yesterday was a big day for wild horses in Arizona! At an official ceremony, Governor Doug Ducey signed into law HB 2340 to protect the famed Salt River wild horses of the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix. He stated: "The Salt River horses are beautiful, majestic and a treasure to our state. Since last summer, we have worked to protect them and their ability to roam free..."

Since July 2015, when the U.S. Forest Service announced its intention to round up and dispose of the Salt River wild horses, AWHPC has worked alongside our coalition partner the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) to defend this very special herd. Thanks and congratulations go to SRWHMG president Simone Netherlands and all the dedicated volunteers, to Rep. Kelly Townsend, sponsor of the bill, to Governor Ducey for standing by the Salt River wild horses from the beginning, and to the Arizona Congressional delegation for its support in protecting this popular herd. We are especially thankful to all the AWHPC supporters who have given us the funds to deploy the necessary resources to shepherd this bill through its many twists and turns in the legislature. 

Now the hard work of developing and implementing a humane management program begins. But for now, it's time to celebrate victory... The power of the people has again prevailed to save our wild horses! 


Celebrating Burros with Burro Awareness Month!

Wild burros have the same rich history and are as culturally significant to our nation as wild horses are, but they receive far less attention. AWHPC started Burro Awareness Month in May of 2012 to promote awareness and appreciation for these amazing animals of the American Southwest.

AWHPC's goal is to keep wild burros wild and free on the range through humane management programs and initiatives to ensure healthy populations of wild burros living on our public lands. Learn more about these hardy animals by clicking below! You can also share stories and photos about your experiences with wild burros by emailing them to: contact@wildhorsepreservation.org


AWHPC Blasts BLM for Exaggerated Mustang "Overpopulation" Claim

Yesterday, the BLM released its 2016 wild horse and burro population estimates. As expected, BLM is misleading the public by implying that wild horses are overrunning the West. In reality, wild horses and burros are present on just 12 percent of federal rangelands, on which they vastly outnumbered by livestock. America does not have a wild horse overpopulation problem; it has a federal mismanagement problem. The BLM is pushing its failed "management" program to the edge of a fiscal cliff by continuing the unsustainable rounding up and removal of wild horses from the range and failing to use birth control to humanely manage the herds in the wild. Read our response to BLM's announcement by clicking below.


Photo 2: Bureau of Land Management, Photo 3: Kelly Jay Photography


May 16: Public Comment Deadline: Population Control Research/Wild Horse Gather for the Conger and Frisco HMAs 

June 17-19:AWHPC at Take Action for Animals Conference DC

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