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Photo by Mike Lorden

March 3, 2016

Dangerous BLM Budget Request Opens Door for Slaughter - Take A Stand Now!

Yesterday, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Neil Kornze testified before Congress regarding his agency's budget request, which includes language that opens the door to steriliztion and slaughter of America's wild herds. The BLM wants to turn over captured wild horses to local and state government agencies, many of whom lobby for the mass mustang removal and slaughter. In his testimony, Kornze confirmed that his agency's budget proposal will not include protections from slaughter for these horses. Alarmingly, he also indicated that the BLM is poised to implement a broad-scale sterilization program on the range.

This is a grave threat to our remaining wild horse and burro herds, and we, the people are are quite literally the only line that stands between our wild horses and burros and doom. . . . Now is the time to demonstrate massive grassroots opposition to the BLM's catastrophic plans. If you have already signed the petition to Congress - thank you, now please share it widely. If you have not yet signed, please add your signature today. The budget process is underway and there is not a moment to waste. If you want to save wild horses and burros, please take action now!



A bill in the Arizona State Legislature to protect the famed Salt River wild horses has been amended and now has our full support. Previously we opposed HB 2340, because it asserted state ownership of this cherished herd, which resides on federal land in the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix. However, the bill's sponsor, State Representative Kelly Townsend, amended the legislation to remove the state ownership provision and better protect the horses. Last week, the bill passed the Arizona House of Representatives and is now in the Senate, where it will be heard on March 8. For a full update, please click below. 



Senators Seek Protection for Historic Corolla Mustangs in North Carolina

For 500 years, the Corolla Wild Horses on North Carolina's Outer Banks have survived hurricanes, Nor'easters and encroaching human development. But they might not survive the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its wrongheaded policy that keeps the herd's population size so small that inbreeding and birth defects now threaten its very existence. North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, along with U.S. Representative Walter Jones aim to change that with an amendment that will protect these unique wild horses, who are so historically important that they have been designated as the official horse of the State of North Carolina! Please read more about this developing situation by clicking below.



Photos 1 & 2:  Jennifer MaHarry Photography

Photo 3: Corolla Wild Horse Fund


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